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On the border of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis district to the Oberbergischer-Kreis district, in the catchment area of a reservoir for drinking water, where nature is still unspoilt – this is where the company herpa print has had its headquarters for over 50 years.

First screen printers with closed drainage system

The natural environment in which we live was already very important to us before there were laws regulating emissions and liquid effluents. Herpa print GmbH was the first screen printers with a closed drainage system, at a time when there was not even a sewer connection at our area. Constant monitoring of the emissions and modern filter systems allow peaceful coexistence with nature, away from conurbations. And because it is so important to us, protection of the environment also forms a separate part of our quality guidelines.


Circulatory system

Circulatory system

Solar energy

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