We have our standards

Quality management was already an important element of our everyday operations even before we started supplying the auto industry in Germany and Europe in the early 1970s.

Certification in accordance with IATF 16949 : 2016

Herpa print is now certified in accordance with  IATF 16949 : 2016 (PDF, 487KB). This certificate was preceded by the ISO 9002 and 9001 and in the 1980s the Q1 of the company Ford. The constant further development of our system results in a constant fall of complaint rates and costs relating to the system.

Quality right from the beginning

With us, quality does not start with the machine, the printing or the punching. Even the taking of your enquiry or your order takes place in accordance with precisely set rules, although of course we do not neglect the need for flexibility: we will also fill small orders for you or deliver in just a few days, as you wish.

We keep things precise

We keep things precise

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