Vehicle Advertising


Vehicle Fleet Analysis

Together with Marketing, Purchasing and Vehicle Fleet we carry out an analysis of the vehicles to be lettered. Any already existing lettering is examined and neutralised if necessary.


Prototyping /Sampling

Before the start of series production, we produce a prototype that we present to you for the final releasing of the design. After sampling, production standards are specified and the item management is prepared.


Material / Production

We will choose the optimal film material for your, depending on the intended use, size of vehicle fleet and duration of the sticking campaign. Here we cooperate with many big-name manufacturers. Our films are produced with either screen printing (large print runs), digital printing (small to medium-sized print runs) or as coloured films.


Sticking Instructions

In addition to the binding graphic specifications (layout) we produce detailed sticking instructions for the mounting. This ensures consistent positioning on the vehicle. This clearly delimits the scope available to the labeller and in the end all the cars look the same.


Always on the move

Advertising on transport media such as HGVs, cars, buses and rail attracts a lot of attention and is lastingly memorable. Acceptance among customers and the benefit for your brand is correspondingly high.

Herpa print possesses more than 40 years of experience in the field of transport advertising and will support you as a reliable full-service partner – whether it be in the equipping of your fleets or the use of public transport for your advertising message.

As a service provider with a great deal of technical expertise and extensive experience in process management we offer you the following services:


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