RFID Applications

Labels in the automotive industry

Since November 2007, RFID transponders from herpa print have been controlling the cockpit production of the 3er BMW. The transponders document all steps in production and release the production systems for each step. This rules out a situation in which a fault is not detected (and/or in which a faulty part is not rejected) until the end of production.

RFID in the cockpit at BMW

Close-up of RFID label in the cockpit at BMW

RFID on airbag mat

Documentation of screws at Volkswagen AG

Many screws are used in the assembly of vehicles. Upon average, checking of torque is legally required on up to 400 screws, and to be documented and proven for up to 15 years.  Volkswagen AG tests torque of screws for which documentation is compulsory by means of RFID technology, e. g. with earth cables. Herpa print supplies the RFID labels and also the hardware and software as general contractor.

Container logistics at the company Amperhof

The company Amperhof produces and markets organic vegetables. The organic vegetables are delivered in special plastic containers to the customers. These containers are monitored with RFID labels for traceability within the supply chain and for stock monitoring of the containers. The RFID labels used are produced, printed and provided with a high-quality protective laminate by herpa print.

RFID for the controlling of shopping baskets

RFID for the controlling of shopping baskets

Project/applications in the healthcare industry

Particularly in the healthcare industry, the requirements for logistics, safety and traceability are especially high. Herpa print supplies RFID labels for various projects that are subjected to one-hundred-percent final inspection, which makes them particularly attractive for the healthcare industry.

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