Front Foils And Membrane Keypads For High-Performance Pumps

For your requirements in the field of front foils and membrane keypads for high-performance pumps, our many years of know-how guarantee the best and most economical solution.

Our Solutions For Industrial Manufacturing

Front foils and membrane keypads are functional and decorative elements that are used in almost all branches of industry. In device manufacturing, the trend is increasingly towards individualization. In addition to their function as information and control elements, they play the important role of the human-machine interface, which must be precisely matched to the overall concept of the system. Also, individually designed front foils and membrane keypads serve as design elements to enhance the product and differentiate it from competing products. Different materials, geometries and shapes are used to optimally match the operating and environmental conditions, which are exposed to many different influences such as extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, moisture, chemicals and harsh cleaning agents as well as physical influences. With our expertise, we support our customers from concept to series product and die-cut, laser and print complex shapes and sizes on a customer-specific basis.

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