Screen printed labels

Because of the large number of different materials that can be printed with one or several colours and provided with a protective laminate, we can fulfil and meet different specifications and standards of our customers. Industries such as the automotive, electrical and medical industries are just a few examples of this.
  • Screen-printed labels

    Also endless on rolls

  • Gas canister labels

    Screen printing and digital printing

  • Screen-printed inspection authority badges

    Labelling of an extremely wide variety of test dates

Advantages of screen printing

  • Accuracy of colour reproduction (RAL, PANTONE, HKS)
  • High light-resistance
  • Enormous colour brilliance due to variable ink application

Digitally printed labels

The possibilities of digital technology are virtually unlimited and offer an enormous potential for new products and services. We make it possible for you to receive personalised, custom production of different print run quantities. Changing print motifs, consecutive barcodes and numbering, different print run quantities from small quantities up to several million pieces.
  • Bottle caps printed

    4-colour + white

  • Digitally printed labels

    4c digital printing

  • Barcode 128

    Class 4

  • Data matrix code

    ... with variable continued printing

Advantages of digital printing

  • 1.000 dpi visible image resolution
  • Variable continued printing (barcodes, pictures, names)
  • 330 mm print width