smartLabels / RFID Labels For Invisible Identification Of Components

For your requirements in the field of smartLabels / RFID labels for the invisible identification of components, our many years of know-how guarantee the best and most economical solution.

Our Solutions For The Automotive Industry

The permanent identification of components and the clear assignment to the vehicle in which they are installed is a basic prerequisite for the complete documentation and traceability of components in the automotive industry. A key challenge here is mastering the variety of variants, which would slow down the manufacturing process enormously without clear labeling and identification that is as automatic as possible. Automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers are increasingly relying on the identification of components with RFID labels, so-called "smartLabels", which are recorded contactlessly, without visual contact and fully automatically along the manufacturing process and linked to the vehicle ID in the production system. This ensures fully automatic and complete documentation and traceability of the installed components without any additional effort for the assembly operators. 

RFID tags are particularly used for the identification of components that are mounted behind trim parts or components in the interior of the vehicle on whose surface a label cannot simply be affixed. Components marked with RFID transponders, such as airbags, seat belt systems and control units that are installed behind trim parts or in the dashboard, can be identified quickly and unambiguously at any time without having to be removed. In the case of seats, trim parts and fittings with refined surfaces, the RFID transponders are integrated into the components without influencing the visible design of the parts. Thanks to contactless identification, these components can also be identified at any time and without disassembly. With our many years of expertise, we offer everything from a single source, from the selection of the right RFID transponder to the integration and connection to the customer's system.

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