Design development / adaptation

Design and technical implementation of the ideas should go hand in glove. What use is a superb graphic idea if it cannot be put into practice or only with very high costs? Make use of the design services that we have to offer you.


Sampling / Samples

Particularly when it is a question of solving technically complex problems, it is important to carry out tests under the real conditions of series production before the series start-up, so as not to run into expensive difficulties later on.


Assembly / Dismantling

Two things have to be right: the selection of the suitable films and the sticking by an expert. That is why we offer you our professional sticking service throughout Europe. This enables us to grant an extensive warranty of up to 10 years on the stuck end product.



We have extensive warehouse capacities in reserve for you so that you can order your year's supplies but only receive deliveries of what you actually need. This way you save space and money and can be sure that your goods are protected from sunlight and are stored in climate-stable conditions.


Professional and friendly

We offer all services for everything to do with the printing and finishing of film products: sampling, sticking and graphic design. Find out about our friendly all-round service.

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