Colour ribbons


Tell us what you want to have lettered and we will recommend to you the appropriate components. For this we will also require information on the winding (internal or external) and on the roll dimensions (printer-dependant).

We bring colour into play

In order to achieve an optimal print on the film surface the thermal transfer ink ribbon must be precisely adapted to the respective printer and the material. Only in this way can you achieve fast and error-free production and – if required – high chemical and rubbing resistance.
Three different types
There are three different types of ink ribbons: wax ribbons (especially for paper labels), wax/resin ribbons (all-purpose ribbon for different surface coatings and non-critical requirements) and pure resin ribbons (high rubbing, wiping and chemical resistance). If these are appropriate for the material to be printed and if the temperature setting of the thermal transfer printer is correct then you are on the safe side. 

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