Optimized Labeling Of Compressed Gas Tanks

For your requirements in the field of optimized labeling of compressed gas tanks, our many years of know-how are a guarantee for the best and most economical solution.

Our Solutions For The Chemical Industry

The Industriegasverband e.V. (IGV) has been working on developing a standard or recommendation for the labelling of compressed gas tanks and other containers (e.g. pallets). In the past, barcode or RFID technology was used, but mostly as stand-alone systems. With the latest recommendation, the various systems will be coordinated in such a way that, for example, the exchange of data for invoicing, delivery note creation, container return, traceability, etc. between the association members works more smoothly. The requirements for a label for the identification of compressed gas tanks are very high. In addition to a permanently strong adhesion over the years, the material and the print must not only be weather, temperature and UV-resistant, but also particularly resistant to mechanical stress. The labels must also survive the cleaning processes with high pressure and chemical cleaning agents without damage.    

With our many years of expertise, we offer an identification label tailored to these needs. Additional security die-cuts ensure transfer-proof identification, because once labels with security die-cuts have been glued on, they usually cannot be removed and transferred to other substrates without destruction.  

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