Marking Of Pipelines According to DIN 2403

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Our Solutions For The Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, pipelines that are not buried must be clearly and permanently marked in accordance with DIN 2403. The marking must be carried out every 10 m over the entire length of the pipe and at operationally important and hazardous points such as the beginning and end of pipes, wall penetrations or fittings. The size of the label and the associated font size depend on the required detection width. The base colour of the label is to be selected according to the flow material according to group and additional colour and the flow direction is indicated by an arrow. The name of the flux agent, its code or chemical formula must be shown in the appropriate colour. In the case of hazardous substances according to the Chemicals Act, the corresponding hazard symbol must be displayed. For the purpose of proper maintenance, further information such as the date of installation or operating conditions such as pressure and temperature may be printed individually. 

For the identification of pipelines in industrial plants, we produce pipeline labels as individual signs or as rolls and will be happy to advise you on the DIN 2403 regulation.

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