Point of Sale


Adhesive labels, stickers and displays are classic advertising methods and can be used as short-term advertising mediums as well as for long-term commitment to a brand.


We print long strips, for display window decoration and room design or for use outdoors, in large format with digital or screen printing. They can be printed on one or both sides and are the ideal advertising medium at sporting and other large events.


Ceiling Banners

Visible from far away, ceiling banners provide your customers with fast orientation to find the bargain, the right shelf or even as a general signposting system. Made of materials such as rigid foam, PVC, PS or cardboard, finished with ceiling hooks, spiral springs or other hanging systems we offer the complete range that you can expect from a full-service-provider.


Sales promotion that gets to the heart of the matter

Advertising at the point of sale (PoS) is often the decisive behaviour-triggering factor in the sales process. Nowhere can you reach your customers in a more targeted way and nowhere is readiness to buy greater. Make use of these conditions with various advertising measures.

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