Labels for the North American market

These two labels can be found on appliances that are exported to the USA (Underwriter Laboratories, UL) or Canada (Canadian Standards Association, CSA).

All of these devices are checked for an extremely wide range of characteristics by an independent company. Only those that pass this test receive the description "UL Recognized Component" and can be exported. All the subcomponents of an appliance must have this UL or CSA listing – even the label, the ink ribbon and the ink with which it is to be printed.

We stock a large number of materials and tapes that have already been listed by the producers and in addition to these self-printed product components which the company herpa print has had listed.

Approvals from herpa print

Nähere Informationen zum Thema UL und CSA erhalten Sie von unserer Spezialistin: Frau Sylvia Nagel

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