Vehicle Fleet Advertising

Advertising on transport media such as trucks, cars, buses and trains is attention-grabbing and creates lasting memory values. With individual vehicle decals, the space on the vehicles in the fleet and the fleet is used cost-effectively and efficiently. The scope in terms of design and colours is almost limitless. The more distinctive the presentation, the greater the visibility and recognition value. With vehicle advertising, the brand and message are transported nation-wide and reach potential customers. As a full-service partner, our range of services extends from fleet analysis to design development and prototyping to vehicle decals. Close partnerships and certifications from well-known manufacturers guarantee the use of high-quality materials that can be customized by screen printing or digital printing. In combination with our precise adhesive technology, we can offer long-term guarantees on our overall performance.


  • Consulting And Fleet Analysis
  • Design Development / Design Adaptation
  • Prototyping / Sampling
  • Material / Production
  • Creation Of The Bonding Instructions
  • Warehousing And Logistics
  • Europe-wide Assembly / Disassembly
  • Documentation And Archiving

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