Construction Machinery And Commercial Vehicles

Commercial advertising on vehicles such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery or forestry vehicles attracts attention. In particular, the large areas of construction machinery can be optimally used as advertising space. Through its use on motorways, country roads and city centres, the advertising message reaches a broad regional and national distribution. For machine manufacturers, foiling offers a flexible way to individualize the products according to the customer's requirements. In addition, the films also act as surface and corrosion protection and contribute to value retention. The construction machinery warning marking according to DIN 30710, a contour marking according to DIN ECE-104, can be integrated in addition to the design. As an IATF- and TISAX-certified company with decades of experience, we support and accompany our customers from the design idea to the training of the gluers on the assembly line.


  • Design Development / Design Adaptation
  • Prototyping / Sampling 
  • Material And Cost Analysis
  • Creation Of The Assembly Instructions
  • Assembly Training
  • Warehousing And Logistics
  • Documentation And Archiving

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