Die-Cut Parts And Insulation Foils Or Flame-Retardant Barriers

For your requirements in the field of die-cut parts, insulation foils or flame-retardant barriers, our many years of know-how are a guarantee for the best and most economical solution.

Our Solutions For The Automotive Industry

Insulating coatings for electrical components within an electric motor are used to prevent long-term damage and ensure continuous functionality over the entire service life. These materials have to meet very high requirements. In addition to impermeability, insulation and air permeability, the material must be able to withstand very high forces and temperature fluctuations from -40° to 150°C. Resistance to chemicals without deformation, hardening or embrittlement go without saying. 

Especially in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, materials must be used that form an insulating layer but also a flame-retardant barrier to protect the individual battery cells. Special shapes and punches make it possible for outgassing of individual defective cells to escape in a targeted manner without affecting neighboring cells or even the entire battery module. Halogen-free, inorganic-based materials that have the lowest possible shrinkage at high temperatures and low moisture absorption are particularly suitable for this application. With our expertise, we support our customers from the concept to the series product and punch or laser complex shapes and sizes on a customer-specific basis.

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