Describe the intended purpose of the films

  • Should the label be permanent or detachable?
  • How long should the label remain stuck?
  • Is the label exposed to particular influences such as high temperatures or chemical liquids?
  • Do special regulations exist at your company (specifications)?
  • Is the label to be pre-printed or do you want to print it yourself?
  • And finally, of course: with what quantities and dimensions should the deliveries be made?

For every purpose

We distinguish between the films according to their intended purpose:
there are printable films (in screen, flexo and thermal transfer printing), laser films for lettering in the laser printer, two-layer films for lettering on a laser engraving machine and special films.

The special films include high temperature films, fabric films, reflective and persistently phosphorescent films and enhanced films (e.g. DOM labels that are later provided with an artificial resin coating).

The intended purpose is always decisive for determining which material is the right one for you. When specifying your application, please therefore use the following questions as a guide.

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