Advantages of acrylate adhesives

  • Suitable for adhesion onto paint, metal or plastic surfaces or for oiled backgrounds
  • Temperature-resistance of -40 to +150 degrees Celsius
  • High chemical resistance
  • High initial adhesion
  • Suitable for use outdoors

Permanent or detachable?

Another important part of the label apart from the film is the adhesive. Here too, it is helpful if the precise intended purpose is determined before the selection. Basically, there are four types of adhesives, depending on their manufacture: pure acrylate adhesives, modified acrylate adhesives, natural rubber adhesives and emulsion adhesives.

herpa print GmbH normally uses acrylate adhesives because of their higher-quality characteristics, but natural rubber adhesives and emulsion adhesives also suffice for less demanding applications. 
Acrylate adhesives are available, just like natural rubber and emulsion adhesives, with very different properties for different applications. These adhesives can therefore be distinguished from each other according to the following characteristics:  

Adhesive characteristics

  • Permanently adhesive or detachable
  • Repositionable (can be removed and stuck again)
  • Flexible adhesives for structured and shaped surfaces
  • Adhesives for rough and rusty surfaces
  • Adhesives for low and high-energy surfaces
  • High or low initial adhesion
  • For oiled backgrounds
  • UV-resistant adhesives for outdoor use


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