Labels And smartLabels For The Electrical Industry

Labels for the electronics industry have to meet many special requirements. In addition to the high demands on the durability of the material as well as the permanently strong adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, labels for this area must often be temperature-resistant and have a high abrasion resistance. It is not uncommon for different materials to be joined together to form an individual adhesive bond for a suitable solution. Depending on the country of destination for the finished product, the materials must also meet country-specific requirements, such as UL approval (Underwriter Laboratories) for the US market or CSA approval (Canadian Standards Association) for placing on the Canadian market. It has to be considered that the entire adhesive must meet the criteria of the UL969 standard. Our range of services covers approval if required, such as self-adhesive composites based on PVC films or high-temperature films. 

Our Solutions For The Electrical Industry

Industry-Specific Products

With state-of-the-art production facilities, an expert office and field service as well as certification according to ISO 9001-2015, we have been producing customer-specific special labels and die-cut parts for the electronics industry for more than 70 years. Our offer ranges from neutral labels for self-printing in thermal transfer printing or laser printing, to individually and customer-specific printed labels in screen printing or digital printing, to intelligent RFID smart labels. Whether heat-resistant or extremely resistant to chemicals and mechanical stress. Whether permanently adhesive or removable without leaving any residue. Whether outdoor or indoor. Thanks to a large material portfolio, the selection of the material is tailored to your requirements. 100% camera-based control during production ensures the highest quality.

  • Neutral labels for post-marking in thermal transfer printing
  • Multi-colour printed nameplates and warning labels
  • Cablel labels
  • Labels with barcode, 2D code (QR code, data matrix code)
  • Smart labels with RFID UHF 868MHz or HF 13.56MHz / NFC 
  • 3D Doming labels
  • Stamped parts
  • Individually designed front foils
  • Custom membrane keypads
  • Security labels and seal labels
  • Application-specific functional labels

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