Colour ribbons

In order to achieve an optimal print on the film surface the thermal transfer ink ribbon must be precisely adapted to the respective printer and the material. Only in this way can you achieve fast and error-free production and – if required – high chemical and rubbing resistance.



There is a large number of thermal transfer printers on the market, and the purchase prices vary greatly. The resolutions normally vary from 200 to 600 dpi and are oriented towards the printer's intended purpose. From cheap and handy table-top devices to professional and capsule solutions for the printing of labels in the production of industrial companies, everything is possible.


Dispensing systems

If you need the quickest possible and largely automatic dispensing of labels for the labelling of large quantities, then an automatic dispensing system is the right choice for you. Such systems are individually adapted to your production and produced for you after in-depth advising on-site.


The "worry-free" all-inclusive package

Do you want to print neutral labels yourself and therefore need ink ribbons, the right printers and perhaps an automatic dispenser? herpa print GmbH offers you a complete package with all components. This way you avoid bothersome discussions with your supplier if there should be problems with the production, and costly outages. You have only one contact for all future questions to do with the label!

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