Labelling products for the industry.
Directly from the manufacturer

A summary of the advantages

  • herpa print GmbH offers the entire product range for the labelling of hazardous goods
  • Signs or labels: we will find the cheapest solution for your requirements
  • herpa print GmbH also offers the necessary approvals for the North American market (UL/CSA)

Discover our product range


Especially when it comes to technically sophisticated signs and labels, e.g. on difficult surfaces or with resistance against brake fluid and oil, herpa print can draw upon many years of experience and the support of important partner companies such as 3M Deutschland.

Film Covers / Keyboards

Film covers are needed where high rubbing resistance is required. Such films must also possess chemical resistance and at the same time meet demanding mechanical requirements.


Stamped Shaped Parts

Herpa print produces adhesive tapes and stamped parts for an extremely wide range of applications in the automotive, electrical and pharmaceuticals industry. Materials such as acrylic foam, foams or paper can be produced in an extremely wide variety of formats and shapes. 



These two labels can be found on appliances that are exported to the USA (Underwriter Laboratories, UL) or Canada (Canadian Standards Association, CSA).



Do you want to print neutral labels yourself and therefore need ink ribbons, the right printers and perhaps an automatic dispenser? Herpa print GmbH offers you a complete package with all components. 

Characteristics of the basic materials

Herpa print GmbH has for many years been working together with the best suppliers of raw materials in the field of labelling. 


There for our customers for 70 years

A lot has changed since the company herpa print started stamping milk churns in the early 1950s. But one thing has remained the same: our claim to provide the best quality. From signs to barcodes to forgery-proof labels – we have the right solution for your request.


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