With the 3M Di-Noc series we provide solutions for surface finishing with more than 500 different decors. We thus offer high-quality visual effects for functional furniture, POS units or  also natural materials such as wood, marble or carbon.


Glass decor

You can fulfil decorative or functional requirements by using glass decor films. Visual privacy and glass decoration can be achieved with a large number of different products. You can, for example, have your logo in a sandblasted look or create more privacy in glass offices.


Bird protection

Ornithologists are thankful to us for making it possible to convert glass surfaces into flight barriers by means of black dots. Because birds elegantly evade transparent noise barriers equipped with our bird protection films while humans can still see through the glass without difficulty.


The face of your real estate

Aluminium facades have become essential parts of our urban, advertising averting environment.
If, however, they are no longer in keeping with current tastes as regards their colour or, as frequently occurs with anodised materials, they have simply become unsightly, a change is only possible at great expense.

With our facade films we are here offering the most price-effective solution for a renovation.Not only can we provide any colour requested but our films are also weather-proof for up to 12 years.


This way, you can, for example, incorporate your facade into your branding or upgrade your real estate with a surface finish from herpa print.

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