Security Labels And Seal Labels

For your requirements in the field of security labels and seal labels, our many years of know-how guarantee the best and most economical solution.

Our Solutions For The Electrical Industry

Security and seal labels are used in many areas for different purposes. In the electronics industry, they are often used for product protection and to identify manipulation attempts. The security options are manifold and can be adapted very specifically to the product, the area of application and the desired security level. There are various security features to choose from, which make a manipulation attempt immediately recognizable. In the case of security labels with an integrated security pattern, which are often used in the electronics industry, a pattern embedded in the material and adhesive is left immediately after the first peel-off attempt. The so-called "security pattern", which leaves the corresponding security pattern clearly visible and almost impossible to remove both in the detached label and on the surface of the product. Typical security patterns are checkerboard patterns or lettering such as "Void". With these methods, the label can no longer be merged or transferred to another product without being noticed, and any attempt at manipulation becomes clearly detectable.

Other security features include:

  • Self-destructing materials
    When attempting to detach the label, the label is destroyed in such a way that an attempt to detach is immediately visible and the label cannot be transferred to another object
  • Transparent security films
    They are often used as a discreet closure lock or on printed surfaces without covering the printed image. When peeling off, residues are left on the surface of the product, so that an attempt to remove it is clearly visible. Unnoticed reclosure is not possible.  
  • Special elements such as safety punches
    Die-cuts that are placed in the edge of the label in such a way that the label cannot be removed without tearing.

In line with the requirements of our customers in the electronics industry, we manufacture security and seal labels individually as blank labels for self-printing or multi-coloured and printed with identification features such as barcodes or 2D codes.

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