Security Labels for Anti-Counterfeiting and Tamper Protection

Following the entry into force of the European Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU), since February 2019 it has been mandatory for all medicinal products in the European Union to be labelled with security features such as a unique identifier and a method for detecting tampering with the outer packaging. This verification enables authentication with the aim of better protecting patients from falsified medicines in the legal distribution chain. There are various security features to choose from, which make a manipulation attempt immediately recognizable. In the case of security labels with an integrated security pattern, which are often used in the pharmaceutical industry, a pattern embedded in the material and adhesive is left immediately after the first peel-off attempt - the so-called "security pattern", which leaves the corresponding security pattern clearly visible and almost impossible to remove both in the detached label and on the surface of the product. Typical security patterns are checkerboard patterns or lettering such as "Void". Through these methods, the label can no longer be merged or transferred to another product unnoticed, and any attempt at manipulation becomes clearly detectable.

Other security features include:

  • Self-destructing materials
    When attempting to detach the label, the label is destroyed in such a way that an attempt to detach is immediately visible and the label cannot be transferred to another object
  • Transparent security films
    are often used as discreet closure protection or on printed surfaces without covering the printed image. When the packaging is tried to be removed, the surface of the packaging is damaged, so that it is clearly visible that the packaging has been opened. Unnoticed reclosure is not possible.
  • Special elements such as security punches, punches that are placed in the edge of the label in such a way that the label cannot be removed without tearing.

We manufacture security labels according to individual requirements of our customers from the pharmaceutical industry as blank labels for self-printing or multi-color and printed with identification features such as barcodes or 2D codes.



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