Labelling Solutions for Renewable Power Generation Plants

Labels for the identification of individual components in the production of plants for the generation of electricity from renewable energies are an important part of a plant. The systems consist of a large number of individual components of various sizes, shapes, properties and functions.

The individual parts must be clearly identifiable not only during installation of the system, but also during subsequent operation, and this for many years under the most extreme conditions such as strong winds, freezing cold and sunlight. In wind and hydropower plants in particular, high mechanical forces such as vibration and friction act on the labels, whereas in the case of photovoltaic systems, weather influences and strong temperature fluctuations are more challenging. Wherever switchgear, control systems and distribution systems are used, cables and wires must also be laid and clearly marked in a usually confined space and are hardly distinguishable from each other. The more complex the pipeline structure, the more important it becomes to clearly identify them in order to ensure trouble-free operation and to avoid possible downtimes due to repair and maintenance work. From wind turbines and PV systems to charging stations, we develop and manufacture individual labeling solutions.

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